Network Benchmarking

The Need

The continuous increase of smartphones utilizing Operators networks around the globe is stressing network performance and dimension. Operators continuous investments on Capex and Opex target to offer better services to their end user.

Those better services create the need to MNOs to identify how their investments reach the end user and how MNOs network differentiate from competition. 

What we offer

FASMETRICS S.A benchmarking campaigns offer their customers with valuable Reports and Network insights that help network operators around the globe to demonstrate their strengths and create strategies with targeted investments.

Identifying your network ranking within a market is a crucial information, understanding the network insights of the root cause is a more complex and time consuming process radio network departments. FASMETRICS  long experience on network insights bring simplicity to network operators that help them to understand the next steps in Optimizing their networks with efficiency.    

  • Network Ranking
  • Optimisation Suggestions
  • Certificates of Performance
  • Network Insights
  • Creating Strategies
  • Experienced Engineering Services

How we do it

FASMETRICS S.A services department has been established a leader in the Eastern European market, for over a decade .

Throughout the years we have implement and deliver to our customers long lasting benchmarking campaigns.

While most of our competitors deliver sort lasting benchmarking projects we benefit with high experience on implementing and delivering long lasting benchmarking campaigns  

  • 10 years of Experience
  • 150.000 klm oF Drive Testing
  • 100.000 Voice Testing Calls
  • 4TB of data testing transfers

We are proud to offer our customers benchmarking Drive Testing campaigns with any available platform to meet their needs. While most of our competitors implement a specific Drive test tool . We can collect KPIs according to ETSI standards with any tool for our customer benefit.


We can adopt our customer needs with tailor made reporting. FASMETRICS collects data from many data sources and provides its customers with precise reports and certificates .In house software development among with our experience on analytics enhance our customer experience and get the most out of our findings.