Obelisk Product Overview


  • “Plug-n-Play” solution that is reliably installed, quickly powered-up & easily maintained on the field
  • Ensures significant savings on both capital & operational radio base station roll-out expenditures
  • All of our solutions are antenna agnostic; legacy and new antenna systems can be hosted
  • Camouflaged rooftop versions available for increased aesthetics and “stealth” on-site works 
  • Embeds our proprietary antenna mountings (F-CAT or DROIDE) for antenna and RRU installation

OBELISK System Brief Description

OBELISK is a series of “site-in-a-box” solutions that combine aluminum mounting structures with intelligent antenna mounting brackets aiming to offer a modern radio base station site roll-out.

Our innovative engineering design revolutionizes the traditional rooftop antenna structures in order to achieve quick and safe installation works as well as significant capex and opex savings. All OBELISK products are boxed on two main parts, the antenna section (which embeds our proprietary antenna mountings – either F-CAT or DROIDE) and the extension section (which embed all the required lattice mast components). The antenna section is manufacturer agnostic and any type of antenna can be hosted. Both the antenna and extension sections are made from extruded aluminum profile pieces that are combined together on a “plug-and-play” basis.

OBELISK products have been designed with the aim not only to standardize the antenna structure, but also the respective installation works. Apart from being extremely lightweight, it also presents high tensile and yield strength mechanical properties. OBELISK product series will satisfy most of the antenna site configurations. There are two main product variants, both self-supported. The OBELISK Lattice Masts (OLM) and the OBELISK Camouflaged Rooftops (OCR). Both are fully compliant to the relevant European Standards (EUROCODES, 2006/42/EC, EN 300019) and the respective national directives.

Both variants are designed and produced to satisfy the MNO’s radio planning and civil engineering requirements in a complete package that when unboxed, is ready to mount and operate.


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