Indoor Network Tests

FASMETRICS SA designs, implements and/or tests any indoor-DAS by following a pre-agreed work flow with the customer.

Our usual work flow is divided into 3 main phases depending on customer requirements. Phase 1 is the Initial Survey & Design Phase, Phase 2 is the Implementation Phase and Phase 3 is the System Verification or Testing Phase. Each of the above phases can be either requested as stand-alone service (i.e. request the testing phase only) or as a packaged service (all phases together as a turn-key project assignment).

Indoor-DAS Service Brief Description

In the initial stage of a project, several forms of surveys are used to collect data needed to accurately complete the RF design process and properly plan for installation and construction. Information gathered in the surveys is the foundations for the design. The survey activity indicatively consists of the indoor location visit, collection of premises drawings, network measurements inside and outside the premises, test transmissions and so on. Measurement campaigns on the survey ensure the current status of indoor coverage from the existing outdoor network.

Following the completion of the survey, we provide the collected data (test files, log files, photos, drawings, etc.). We evaluate and propose a solution for the candidate indoor-DAS and propose a draft design for approval. The draft design includes two major design processes, system architecture and RF design. Through system architecture we examine the various options for delivering the service. Through RF design our engineers select the appropriate locations for radio equipment, antennas and other passive equipment to achieve the design goals.

The draft design is presented to the customer and after receiving and reviewing comments the draft design is validated. We proceed with the preparation of the final design phase (end of Phase 1) and start preparations for the implementation phase.

Project management services may be provided at this stage to develop and manage an implementation plan for the project. Project management of all services as well as coordination of equipment logistics can be included. In addition, indoor-DAS implementation management can develop and manage contracts with third party suppliers if required. In this phase the installation & commissioning of the proposed indoor system design takes place.


After the installation completes, network verification measurements are performed. These measurements are performed in every location that is served by the installed system and at the same measurement points as at the initial survey. We collect RF performance data in the coverage area of each antenna location, we monitor and evaluate the OSS statistics and adjust parameters (if pico, micro and small-cells have been used), we adjust parameters until optimum performance is reached.

Final deliverable includes the performance verification of the newly deployed indoor-DAS, where we validate the design, equipment, installation, network quality and performance.

Validation is performed by measuring end user experience and comparing against contracted design criteria set and agreed with our customer.