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Our products are fully focused on improving the operational performance of wireless networks; from Self-Organizing-Network (SON) platforms to smart antenna infrastructures, our products aim to serve well the broadband era.


Our key factor to success is our strong commitment to perform our vision and mission in the demanding mobile communications industry.


Our products and services have significantly contributed to improve the quality of experience (QoE) for millions of mobile network users.


Our goal is to provide the mobile communications industry with advanced technology products of increased flexibility and greater value.

We know the problem and we are here to help!

We know that over the last few years, particularly since the advent of the first smartphones in the market, mobile network operators worldwide are experiencing an extra pressure: The incremental data usage!

We have now entered the era of the so-called 1000x data challenge.

The technical challenge of managing 1000 times more data traffic than the one we handle today! Wireless networks worldwide will have to offer their users with the “right” quality of experience in order to remain competitive in the newly shaped market.

We know what to expect in the future…

  • we expect the continuous deployment of “data-hungry” applications that aim at our everyday life,
  • we expect the large increase in the number of connected devices (10x-100x more devices) and
  • we expect the need for ultra-high speed data transmissions (10x-100x higher average speeds),

It is clear that mobile operators will have to assure the development, operation and maintenance  of extremely high-capacity networks of guaranteed speed… and this has to be accomplished at the right cost and at the right time…

Our products are designed and built with exactly these problems in mind!

Our proprietary systems branded 3skelion+ will “clean and boost” your RF donor signals for the in-vehicle repeaters in use.

High gain directional antennas can now replace the legacy omnidirectional and act as natural “coverage boosters” and “interference filters” for the repeaters in use. Managed and controlled by a sophisticated operating system, 3skelion+ base station scanners will detect the strongest, highest quality signals to “feed” the repeater.

3skelion+ aims at improving coverage, capacity & quality of communications on your in-vehicle broadband repeater sites.

“Clean and Boost” your RF

Azimuth-SON is an electrical azimuth adjustment kit that outperforms the traditionally executed RF coverage and planning works.  

Capable of electrically steering an antenna 120⁰ (±60⁰) in the azimuth plane, the antenna’s horizontal half-power beamwidth will be automatically directed towards the high usage sectors in the coverage area. As mobile networks mature in terms of data usage, automatically tuning the antennas’ coverage area is becoming a true necessity.

Azimuth-SON aims at introducing a fully dynamic radio network planning according to usage patterns both in time and location.

To successfully modernize your RAN infrastructure, you first need to relax the towers from excessive weight and wind-load. 

As wireless services continue to soar, providers are deploying more and more antennas and antenna near products at tower-top. The result is towers, support structures and mounts being pushed to their limits. Our smart antenna brackets, branded F-CAT systems, introduce antenna azimuth steering in order to handle the problem.

F-CAT systems aim at replacing the legacy antenna supports and relieve the towers from excessive weight and wind-load.

azimuth by Fasmetrics S.A.
Obelisk by Fasmetrics S.A.

Power-up your new radio base station sites by optimizing your network’s CAPEX & OPEX with our new OBELISK solutions.

We know that mobile network operators need to drastically reduce their cost per bit ratio on their network investments in order to remain profitable. We also know that one significant capital and operational expense is the radio base station installation, operation and maintenance. Our proprietary lattice masts are here to help on this!

OBELISK lattice masts systems are smart “site-in-a-box” solutions of mass production for quick and easy site deployment.

Our camouflaged rooftops are versions of Obelisk lattice mast solutions specifically developed for urban site roll-out.

Obelisk camouflaged rooftop solutions also follow our “site-in-a-box” philosophy. Their standardized construction provides great flexibility on all stages of the radio site deployment (from site licensing to maintenance). It reduces the complexity of installation while it minimizes exposure time-on-site and implementation costs.

Obelisk camouflaged rooftops are fully modular site solutions that can be prepared and adapted any site configuration.

Camouflaged rooftops
Research and Development (R&D)

We do not stop here… We know what to research and how to develop it. Our R&D team is fully committed into creating future. 

Self-Organizing and Self-Adapting Network platforms, MIMO and massive-MIMO antenna systems, 60GHz and 80GHz point to point millimeter-wave link antennas as well as small-cell backhauling solutions are some of the R&D projects we are currently active, either in-house or jointly with educational institutions.

Our research and development (R&D) team is proud for filling several globally recognized patents and patent applications.

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