Briefly About Us

FASMETRICS SA is a high-tech SME specialized in producing innovative radio communication systems as well as offering advanced managed services for the mobile telecommunications industry.


To assists mobile communication networks to achieve seamless RF coverage and ultra-fast data throughputs for their network users.


To advance the technology in the field of mobile communications by providing superior quality products and services for our customers.


We have a single purpose: to serve customers well. This is our ambition, to build a company known for its high quality customer service.

We were established back in 2005. Now we operate in several countries around the world!!!

At FASMETRICS, we are vendor independent experts.
We provide solutions at all stages of mobile telecommunication network deployment; from the initial planning stage, through to installation, operation and maintenance (where testing and network validation are critical).

We are highly spirited telecommunication professionals.
Our team consists of highly competent engineers that are the top of their field. Through the years, we have proved our expertise in most commercial RAN deployments, from WiMAX and GSM-R to WCDMA and LTE-Advance.

 We are committed to innovation and fast forward-thinking.

We create proprietary technology that is capable to ensure competitiveness in the global market. Our products have proved to deliver concrete commercial and financial value for our valuable customers around the world.

Fasmetrics S.A.

Quick Facts

FASMETRICS SA is a high-tech SME specialized in producing innovative radio communication systems as well as offering advanced managed services for the mobile telecommunications industry.

Year Founded: 2005
Incorporation: Société Anonym
Company registration number: 05117434400 (ΑΡ.Μ.Α.Ε.)
President and CEO: Mr Dimitris Kolokotronis

Company Milestones

Our milestones represent key moments in our history, providing a snapshot of some of the achievements that we're really proud of.

Starting from a small office in the Technology Park of Thessaly back in 2005, up to becoming a well-respected company in the market today, we have been through several major and minor progress points that we had to successfully achieve in order to become the resource that will drive the company in the future.

Through this journey we have gained some long-lasting memories that will shape a great future for our company.

Fasmetrics intellectual property

Intellectual Property

We understand the meaning of protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) in a highly competitive market.

That is why we are heavily investing in patenting our innovations on a global scale. Our research and development teams holds several patents and patent applications in the fields of Self Organizing Network (SON) solutions, smart antenna mounting infrastructures and RF radiation antenna controls.

As an SME among several technology giants, our investments on IPR offers us with the freedom to compete and operate.


We are an award winning company that has been distinguished for its innovation, financial growth and young entrepreneurship.

Having won a prize for being innovative means that you are very skilled in finding solutions to everyday problems. Having won a prize for your outstanding financial growth means that you understand the business win-win scenarios. Having won a prize for young entrepreneurship means that although “young” you successfully deliver!

We at FASMETRICS SA have proved over time that we are very skilled to successfully deliver on a win-win relationship.



We are an award winning company, however, the best prize for us is our satisfied global customers.

Herein we have a collection of formal statements from satisfied customers that testify to our technical competence, qualifications and character. Almost all of our customers are repeating since we have proved to them that they can count on us.

We at FASMETRICS SA have a long record of successfully implemented projects.

News Feeds

We invite you to use our news feeds page in order to timely discover our innovations, new product launches and company activities.

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We follow closely the technology in the mobile sector having solid opinions about its current and future trends.


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