Building a fully connected world is not easy!

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We are here to help you gain your radio network max potential and deliver high end-user experience

Verify, benchmark or optimize your radio network with us

We are here to help you offer higher internet speeds connectivity at ships and recover lost revenues

Consumers need coverage everywhere!

When we say coverage, we mean application coverage. Accounting streaming video as the killer application, wireless networks primarily need to deliver their users with connectivity of low latency and high speed.

Is this the case in ships and trains?


We are here to help you successfully modernize your RAN infrastructure


As wireless services continue to soar, providers are deploying more and more antennas and antenna near products at tower-top. The result is towers, support structures and mounts being pushed to their limits.

How can we handle weight and wind load at tower-top?


We are here to help you effectively power-up your new sites and optimize your roll-out CAPEX & OPEX


In the broadband era, mobile network operators need to drastically reduce their cost per bit on their network investments in order to remain profitable. One significant capital and operational expense is the radio base station.

How can we reduce CAPEX and OPEX on the site roll-out?