Our Managed Services

We are leading company in radio communication network benchmarking, validation and optimization. We concentrate on quality of experience for the end-users and on performance bottlenecks for our customers.


Our key factor to success is our strong commitment to perform our vision and mission in the demanding mobile communications industry.


Our products and services have significantly contributed to improve the quality of experience (QoE) for millions of mobile network users.


Our goal is to provide the mobile communications industry with advanced managed services of increased flexibility and greater value.

Management of network quality is vital for the economic performance of any radio access network.

It can ensure that the mobile network operator will get the maximum value out of the investments performed. It can also help to carve out and maintain the desired market position and deliver the best possible user experience to its customers for the least possible cost.

Our core competences include managed services that improve network quality, network audits, network planning, root cause analysis and benchmarking as well as rollouts, upgrades, swaps and  the optimization of radio networks.

The final deliverable of our services provide our customers with detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of their radio network performance.

Quality of speech, data transfer rates, call setup time and connection stability are some of the KPI’s that we thoroughly examine. Network stress tests in heavy urban environments (including indoor and outdoor hotspots), suburban and rural areas (including motorways and POI’s) are taking place through our country-wide mobile network testing campaigns.

Customer-oriented tests not only reflect the quality of the network as perceived by wireless users, they also create a basis for marketing and management decisions. The results of our measurements help our customers define and implement internal decisions in accordance with the various objectives that have been agreed on.

We are proud to be a leading company on radio network benchmarking having performed numerous successful country-wide campaigns.

Being in the business for over a decade, we have established ourselves as the preferred partner of many global mobile network operators. The results of our network benchmarking measurements have helped our customers to define and implement top-management decisions that improved the competitiveness of their investments.

Network benchmarking services aim at comparing and evaluating the performance of competing mobile telecommunication networks.


We deliver radio network audit services under a single value: attention to detail. We will track performance bottlenecks no matter what!

Based on our findings, mobile operators have managed to identify network performance bottlenecks and implement optimization actions that improved the quality of service for millions of consumers. New technology introductions, soft parameter settings as well as massive upgrades are some examples that radio networks require audits.

Radio network audit services aim at identifying network performance bottlenecks after network modernization and upgrade.

Single Site Verification services constitute a main part of the site acceptance process taking place on new radio site deployment/upgrade.

The performance KPI’s of the network after radio site upgrades and additions needs to be verified and approved. The introduction of new radio access technologies, the modernization to single-ran base stations as well as the implementation of antenna system works (such as swaps, additions and the like) require validation and approval.

Radio base station acceptance is an important site roll-out activity that verifies the completion of a successful installation at site power-up.


We have great experience on indoor system design and implementation. We know what to “look-for” when validating DAS deployments.

Large indoor venues like shopping malls, airports, metros and stadiums are generating great amounts of mobile traffic. Through walk-test measurements we can either verify if a hotspot needs a special indoor-DAS installation or we can validate the performance of any installed indoor-DAS to the technology KPI’s it has been designed to deliver.

Indoor Network Test services aim at verifying the need or validating the performance of indoor-DAS deployments of selected hotspots.

We have been one of the first private companies accredited according to ISO17025:2005 for Electromagnetic Field measurement services.

Electric (E) and magnetic (H) field values for high and low frequencies, own and external interference analysis as well as electromagnetic compatibility measurements are some of the services that are included on our rich Electromagnetic Field services portfolio. We have huge experience on performing electromagnetic measurement jobs.

Our services are offered to private individuals, public organizations, mobile operators and others for licensing and certification purposes.


We are vendor independent experts offering GSM-R and ERTMS test, measurement and validation services constantly since 2009.

Our services are used during the start-up phase of a new GSM-R network, as well as in the ordinary operation and optimization process, wherever measurements need to be performed to guarantee the quality of the GSM-R and ERTMS system. We may work for both network operators and equipment vendors to optimize and verify performance.

GSM-R & ERTMS services aim at validating and optimizing the performance of a new GSM-R & ERTMS network deployment.

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