Country: Greece

Project: GSM-R Network Services

Subject: Recommendation Letter 

Issuer: Project Manager, Commercial



We, the undersigned ----------------------, Project Manager and ------------------------, Commercial Manager of GSM-R Project in Greece, representing SIEMENS Α. having its registered office at 6-8, Agisilaou St., 15123, Marousi, Greece, hereby state upon request of FASMETRICS S.A., having its registered office at 8 Anthousis ave., 15351 Pallini, Greece, that FASMETRICS S.A., was responsible for the following delivery of services executed under the contract with us:

“Subcontract No GSM-R-GRC.C00.GEN.000.0011.01”

Awarded to FASMETRICS S.A., on 27th July 2009.

FASMETRICS S.A. was responsible to perform Radio Network measurements for the GSM-R system that was implemented to provide services for OSE’s (the Greek Railway Operator) users along approximately 700km of railway network. FASMETRICS S.A. performed over 10.000 km of rail routes along OSE’s railway lines in Greece that is covered by the GSM-R system.

FASMETRICS S.A performed analysis and optimization of the radio coverage and quality KPIs of GSM-R system along the railway lines and delivered the related reports to SIEMENS S.A. All deliveries and services have been executed by FASMETRICS S.A. successfully and according to prerequisites and specifications of the above mentioned subcontract. Thus we confirm that FASMETRICS S.A. is acquainted with all necessary skills required to perform railway GSM-R Radio Network measurements, analysis and reporting.