Country: Greece

Project: Single-RAN Network Services

Subject: Recommendation Letter

Issuer: Project Procurement Manager

To whom it may concern,

NOKIA SOLUTIONS AND NETWORKS OY, through the process of unbiased contest has been employing the services of FASMETRICS S.A. since 2012.

The scope of works so far undertaken by FASMETRICS concern with Radio Network Measurements and directed to main customers of Nokia in Greece and Albania.

FASMETRICS S.A., has been co-operating on a contract basis with our company from 2012 until present, conducting Radio Network Measurements and post process analysis for 2G/3G/4G/4G+ generation networks. During this period FASMETRICS S.A. has successfully, efficiently and timely completed the up to day requested work for the Radio Network Measurements that count: over 55 unique geographical areas including over 1000 hotspots measurements and more than 10 ship routes across Greece.

We can confirm that FASMETRICS S.A is sub-contractor of trust with the technical and managerial skills required to perform Mobile Radio Network drive test measurements and analysis. Throughout the duration of our collaboration, provide a professional and qualitative service that Nokia relies on and values, in keeping her customers satisfied.

I, therefore, recommend the services of FASMETRICS S.A.