Country: Cyprus

Project: Network Benchmarking Services

Subject: Recommendation Letter

Issuer: Radio Coverage Planning Manager

MTN Cyprus certifies that FASMETRICS S.A has been awarded and successfully executed for all the years since 2013 and up to date the benchmarking campaign projects in the island of Cyprus for our company. MTN Cyprus is fully satisfied from FASMETRICS S.A competence that fulfilled all necessary related works for the aforementioned project scopes that involved measurements and post-processing analysis for more than 40.000 km, over 120 hotspots and included detailed analysis benchmarking reports for over 60 wider areas.

 In addition to the above mentioned works, FASMETRICS S.A. had also delivered 2 network wide optimization projects that were aiming to:

  • Voice Calls Improvement
  • Data Services Improvement
  • Single Site Verification for LTE network

Both optimization projects, undertaken by FASMETRICS S.A had provided significant added value to MTN Cyprus network.

MTN Cyprus confirms that FASMETRICS S.A is a company with great competence in performing benchmarking and optimization services to mobile network operators.