Country: Greece

Project: Network Benchmarking Services

Subject: Recommendation Letter 

Issuer: Deputy Director

We confirm that COSMOTE S.A and FASMETRICS S.A have had cooperated the last 4 years in the area of Network Benchmarking Services and up to date FASMETRICS S.A has successfully satisfied all of its contract obligations for the National Benchmarking Campaign Project that includes measurements and post-processing services for the whole Greek territory (including all Major Cities, Urban Areas, Suburban Areas, Motorways, National roads and Islands).

We confirm that FASMETRICS S.A. is our primary sub-contractor for COSMOTE S.A. National Benchmarking Campaign since the year 2012 up today. In the frame of the aforementioned contract, FASMETRICS S.A. haw performed drive test measurements and hotspots for over 100.000 km across the country, while it has delivered over 200 benchmarking area reports with great accuracy and support on special technical requests for network KPIs, report handling with special in-depth analysis & investigation findings.

Hereby we are in position, to confirm the technical and management capability of FASMETRICS S.A to perform and successfully deliver similar demanding projects.